Happy New Year, We Can’t Afford Any Food

At least there’s pork belly, right?

While the food media puts together all the listicles ever of foods in 2013, TIME went ahead and buzzkilled our hopes of recession-proof food prices in 2014. Surprise — there are none! In fact, the staples that Americans live on are just getting pricer and pricier. (And don’t even get us started on the Farm Bill. We can’t pay $7 for milk.) And if you like to eat at restaurants, don’t expect your bill to be any less.

TIME shares the foods to avoid in 2014 if you’re aiming to save money: beef, bread, cereal (don’t tell Justin Warner), chocolate (we knew that already), and wild fish (Andrew Zimmern told us that too). But while we laugh at Bacon-pocalypse 2013, the good news is that pork prices, especially pork belly, will continue to to drop.

The last and final hurdle, obviously, will be to survive the Srirachapocalypse. Because who cares that Americans can’t afford bread when hot sauce is at stake!


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