WATCH: For The First Time In Hell’s Kitchen History, Everybody Loses!

This year’s crop of Hell’s Kitchen cheftestants are certainly a bunch of trail-blazers. Justin was the first chef in ten seasons to correctly identify every ingredient in the blind taste test a few episodes back, and now, for the very first time, both teams lost in the reward challenge, resulting in them both having to participate in the punishment. That also meant the little red vintage convertible Gordon Ramsay had rented for the winning team to drive out to Malibu for a beach day went sadly unused (psych, James probably took it out for a joyride).

This week’s challenge was a communication relay race, in which teams had to trade off five minute shifts creating three courses off the Hell’s Kitchen menu: a risotto, a cod dish, and a lamb chop. Both teams completed all their dishes, but they turned out rather dismally. As, one by one, neither team racked up a single point, Gordon was left with no choice but to punish both teams with the task of cleaning the exterior of the restaurant.

Check out the bossman’s searing critique below!

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