WATCH: Hell’s Kitchen Contestant Can’t Tell Cod And Sea Bass Apart

Hell’s Kitchen contestant Tiffany has been riding on the coat tails of her team for quite a while now, but last night, her blasé attitude gave way to a fundamental lack of chef skills, which is to say: the ability to tell fish fillets apart. In a kitchen service where the Girls’ Team was catering to such VIP clientele as David Beckham, Tiffany was so out of it that she accidentally cooked a piece of cod instead of the sea bass that was ordered.

Okay, fine. So after a scolding from Gordon Ramsay, she goes to re-fire the fish, and puts on a cod fillet again. Homegirl doesn’t even bother hiding the fact that she doesn’t know what’s what, and shrugs it off like it’s no biggie, because it’s just fish and it’ll be done in three minutes. Right…but also, you’re cooking for Gordon Ramsay, and you can’t tell your fish apart.

Somehow, Tiffany sailed through elimination (again), because her team was safe that night. Ultimately, Royce got the boot from the Boys + Robyn Team. But we highly recommend you check out Tiffany’s train wreck below.

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