Tonight In Food TV: Hell’s Kitchen Returns From Olympic Hiatus

Ugh, we know! Who hasn’t missed Gordon Ramsay on their TV screens, screaming that his employees are f*cking donkeys? Sure, you may have caught him on Hotel Hell, which premiered during the two weeks that The Olympics dominated everyone’s Primetime slots. But Gordon rolling around in the roachnests of crappy hotels isn’t nearly as satisfying as watching him in the kitchen, unless, of course, you’re a booted Hell’s Kitchen contestant. Plus, we doubt you (like any other decent, America-loving person) were able to tear your eyes from the gripping mini-dramas that The Olympics were serving up every night.

But now that the Closing Ceremonies have spiced up our lives, we can welcome Gordon back into our hearts.

In case you need a refresher, when we last left our heroes in Hell’s Kitchen, the bossman had narrowed the field down to the six chefs who would earn black jackets. That means we’ve officially moved out of team competition and into an individual race. But, for one last hurrah, Gordon forces the six remaining cheftestants to complete on a team together against a mystery opponent (we’re guessing a team made up of recently booted members…it’s about time in the Hell’s Kitchen’s reality TV formula for that).

Tune into Fox tonight at 9:00pm to catch the all-new episode. MasterChef returns tomorrow night.

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