WATCH: Hell’s Kitchen Recruits Fashion Nobodies To Bizarrely Judge Food

On last night’s Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay was itching to host the restaurant’s first ever “fashion night.” So, he snatched up three “notable” fashion designers to come in and judge the cheftestants’ challenge dishes before service that evening following a fashion show. And what happens when you hire non-famous fashion people to judge food? They’re a hundred times snobbier and more pretentious than the stereotype you would imagine. Take note, fashionistas: these are the kinds of things you’re apparently supposed to say when fine dining.

“This is NOT very visually appealing.”
“And the foam is something I don’t think I can handle”
“No. Not Appetizing.”

“That, to me, says non-sophistication.”

“I love kale so that’s huge for me.”

“Fried food is a big no-no.”

“I have a very personal connection to Italy and Spain.”

“What about the spices? What about zesty? What about pungent? What about kick?”

Check out the clip below to watch the whole tasting and see some very professional food critiquing going on.

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