WATCH: Is This Puppet-Wielding Line Cook The Kookiest Hell’s Kitchen Contestant Yet?

Okay, so, yes, Hell’s Kitchen is known for casting totally incompetent food industry employees so that Gordon Ramsay has something to whip into shape for ratings. And, yes, that usually means casting 20 of the most cuckoo bananas kitchen workers from around the country. But there’s something inherently interesting and brilliant about a reality cooking competition show that doesn’t focus on home cooks or on professionals, but instead on the specific niche of line cooks, and crash-training them to take over a brigade.

Unfortunately, we can’t focus on how interesting that is, because Season 11 of Hell’s Kitchen features this lady, who brought her chef puppet friend Alfredo Al Dente to the dorms with her to torment her fellow competitors, and we’re a little scared she might like, kill someone in their sleep or something. Check out the creepfest below.

PS. Remember how last year the Hell’s Kitchen theme song was awkwardly magician-themed? And you thought to yourself, how will they ever out-do themselves, those HK production people? This year’s opening is Transformers-themed. That’s how.

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