WATCH: Is This Hell’s Kitchen Chef-testant’s Lobster The Scariest Dish You’ve Ever Seen?

Hell’s Kitchen pulled a tricky switcheroo on us all last night and jumped to Monday nights in order to make room for tonight’s Season Premiere of So You Think You Can Dance (we know, we’re having a private excitement freak-out too, but take it to another site). And, in honor of its new night, Hell’s Kitchen aired a two-hour-long episode, because why not. One hour of Gordon Ramsay repeatedly calling Zach “fuckface” is not enough hours.

As part of last night’s challenge, chefs had to create a dish of their own to impress Gordon and a senior editor of People Magazine. The three prettiest dishes from each team would be granted a taste for the best overall dish. Yes, this was a beauty pageant. So why Ray would serve up the lobstabomination pictured above, we can’t quite puzzle out.

“It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie,” Gordon shuddered.

“The plate’s a little scary,” People Magazine Lady agreed.

We’re pretty sure the clip below is the stuff of nightmares. Check it out, unless you ever want to sleep/enjoy lobster again.

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