WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Skewers Hell’s Kitchen Chef-testants for ‘Bastardizing Scallops’

Undoubtedly the three most-frequently effed up dishes in Hell’s Kitchen are risotto, Beef Wellington, and seared scallops. Need we remind you of the time a team so horrendously butchered scallops during a challenge that Gordon Ramsay made them drink scallop milkshakes as punishment?

Thank god Ja’nel “bastardized” her scallops during a night of service, when Ramsay didn’t have time to bust out the blender. A one-minute sear is a pretty rookie mistake though, and these bad boys look atrocious. On the bright side, she followed up her winning appetizer service by serving raw halibut during entrees, so at least she’s staying consistent.

Check out Ramsay’s meltdown and the Red Team’s subsequent kitchen ejection below.

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