WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Confirms Los Angelenos Are Pussies When It Comes To Rare Meat

A beautifully medium-rare, still mooing piece of veal that would go over beautifully in any New York City dining room? Not on Hell’s Kitchen. Last night, Gordon Ramsay invited back five previous winners of the show and pitted them against the five remaining black-jacketed chef-testants this season.

Out of the champions’ kitchen came the aforementioned piece of veal, after Gordon had already warned the offending chef to cater to Los Angeles tastes and cook his proteins a little longer than he’s used to in New York.

Sadly, even after Gordon had him re-fire the too-pink meat before it left the pass, a lady in the dining room still sent it back in favor of an even more well-done piece.

The fact that Gordon doesn’t come down on the chef, but instead on the city of Los Angeles as a whole, confirms what we’ve suspected all along. Check out the clip below.

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