Here Are Celebrity Chef Stamps, Courtesy of the United States Postal Service

That’s right, even the USPS is like “oh right, chefs are a thing now!”

No, you’re not going to find Guy Fieri or Rachael Ray on this round of stamps, debuting September 26. Consider these more of your legendary chef stamps, featuring five “culinary masters”: James Beard, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Edna Lewis and Felipe Rojas-Lombardi. We’re pretty familiar with those first two guys, but the last three (all deceased) are largely credited for popularizing Chinese, Southern, and South American food in the United States. The stamps are even set up on a pane resembling a table set with white linen tablecloths.

So, you know, if you crazy kids still use good ol’ fashioned snail mail and would like to adorn your letters with chefs, this is the way to do it.

[USPS, Linns]

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