Here Are Pretty Chefs Wearing Uniqlo Turtlenecks

You have to admit, you didn’t even think about matching your Uniqlo sweaters to your holiday meals!

Uniqlo is back at it with its Uniqlo Recipes campaign, which features chefs Jamie Malone (Sea Change in Minneapolis), Jose Conteno (Baco Mercat in Los Angeles), Kim Alter (Plum in San Francisco), Kuniko Yagi (Hinoki & The Bird in Los Angeles), Thomas McNaughton (Flour + Water, San Francisco), and Brian Leth (Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn). Wow, so much Cali love and hardly anywhere else. So yeah, they cook pretty foods while talking about food and wearing bright colored sweaters that match the foods. It’s all around cheesy and adorbs.

Some of our favorite videos from the collection below (you can even make recipes from them). Because all the best-looking chefs in your lives should wear colorful sweaters, we think.


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