Here’s A Non-Black Truffle Chocolate Cookie From Dominique Ansel

Getting in on that whole black truffle thing, except not really at all. (But, an even better idea: an excellent way to trick your snobby foodie friends into thinking you got them something really valuable for Christmas.)

It’s the newest monthly treat from Dominique Ansel: “truffle” cookie dough, or cookie dough of Ansel’s flourless chocolate cookies, formed in the shape of black truffles. Ansel says about the cookies that they are “made with three different types of finest Valrhona chocolate, [and] when baked, the cookie is deep and moist with a slightly cracked crust, like the corner piece of a brownie.” Yes please.

And because truffles usually come in wooden crates surrounded by white rice (who knew? Rich people, we guess?), the cookie dough balls are surrounded by Rice Krispies covered in Valrhona white chocolate. Even we have to admit, we’re totally on board for this kind of hybrid dessert. But the question remains: will any dessert ever top the cookie shot?

The non-truffle thingy can be purchased on Dominque Ansel Bakery’s website, or after waiting in the massive long line that still wraps around Soho to get into his bakery.

[Dominique Ansel]

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