Here’s the First Peek at Roy Choi’s New CNN Show, Street Food

It’s a pretty legit teaser — and look at that still! When we become rich and famous, we want our ver own street art portrait.

The first preview for Roy Choi’s CNN show, Street Food, is up, and makes Choi look as majestic as all get-out. He’s basically looking over his little kingdom of Los Angeles, for crying out loud. Still, we can’t wait to see him take on the City of Angels with the quirky individuals of LA (is that a Beastie Boy in there?); cameos also include Jon Favreau (of course) and Anthony Bourdain (of course). Said Choi to Variety at the launch, ““We look at the city from many different angles … “It shows how vast this city is.” Choi also teased that in the future, he may be open to exploring other cities like Chicago and Detroit. In short: Choi is preparing for a Bourdain-stature career.

Eater reports that the series will be online only, and released in Netflix fashion — eight 5-minute episodes online all at once. It’s still a work of progress (Choi teased “the real title song” and said that the music in the preview was just a placeholder), but it’s going to be a real treat.

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