Here’s What An All-Emoji Diet Looks Like

We mean, we like our emojis with our Yelp reviews, but emojis in our diet is, well, as weird as you might imagine.

Because the Atlantic has inevitably run out of things to cover (as have we), one writer took a daring quest to try to sustain herself on all 59 of the foods “immortalized” by emojis. (Can we really call something that wasn’t even in our vernacular five years ago “immortalized?” Seems melodramatic with a side of crazy, but we digress.) The rules:

For seven days, I would only eat foods represented by emoji.
I would eat every emoji food by the end of the seven days.
Some further specifications were needed. Though it can be argued that pigs, cows, and other emoji in Apple’s Nature category are food sources, I sacrificed bacon and stuck with the clearly defined foods grouped under Objects to avoid sliding down the “technically edible” slope.

We also learn that there’s an “Emojipedia,” and that the 59 foods include a lot of Japanese foods. Shockingly, the writer finds that eating all emojis is not great for weight loss, or really anything else. Sorry for the spoiler, but we guess when the new emoji catalog comes out you can try it out for yourself with new additions.

[The Atlantic]

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