Heston Blumenthal Carries Olympic Torch Past The Fat Duck

Heston Blumenthal may be Queen Elizabeth II’s chef of choice, but usually it’s Jamie Oliver that gets to do the fun celebrity stuff, like carry the Olympic Torch. But yesterday, Heston got to join the party! He carried the Torch through a leg of its journey to London, including a pass through Bray, where his 3-Michelin Star rated resto The Fat Duck lives.

He appears very excited and proud to be a torch bearer, which is kind of a big deal, so we’re stoked to see celebrity chefs getting in on the action. The torch also passed by Windsor Castle yesterday, but, instead of seeing The Queen, it saw a “Free Tibet” preaching streaker. Oops. Still cool…? Oh, to be that Torch, lovingly gripped in those strawberry crumble crunch-producing hands, occasionally getting some action on the road.


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