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Heston Blumenthal Spends One Month Freezing World’s Largest Ice Cream Cone

(Photo: Adam Gray/SWNS)

While we’re busy patting ourselves on the back today in honor of our official separation from those jerks across the pond, we thought we’d take a moment to give one of our favorite British chefs a shout out. Heston Blumenthal has smashed the world record for world’s largest ice cream cone for his new show Heston’s Big Idea.

The cone was unveiled in Glouchester, England, where the 1000-pound scoop of ice cream had to be hoisted atop its waffle cone with a crane. The creation stands 4 meters high, took a month to freeze, and came complete with TOPPING CANNONS ready to shoot strawberry sauce and sprinkles at it once revealed.

Clearly, all we’re really concerned about here is topping cannons. What are they exactly, how do they work, and where do we get them? We propose a new tradition of nixing fireworks, and swapping them out with topping cannons aimed at giant desserts. Or just our faces, if we can tweak the shooting mechanism to do that gently and safely. Alternatively, we will accept full-power topping cannons only filled with soft things. Like whipped cream.

God Bless Whipped Cream Cannons.

[The Daily Mail]

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