WATCH: Heston Blumenthal Pokes Fun At Music, Himself, and Molecular Gastonomy

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wonder how well Heston Blumenthal would do at answering really goofy songs about music?” No? Well, why not find out anyway?

In 2008, Heston was a guest on the British comedy music quiz-show Never Mind The Buzzcocks. The show is famous for its sarcastic sense of humor, and for poking fun at celebrities. He and the other guests, who in this episode include Josh Groban and Sherlock and The Hobbit star Martin Freeman, play music-related games and answer hard-hitting questions like “What about all that cooking that you do?”

If the prospect of watching Heston trying to guess a song based on its introduction isn’t tempting enough, the episode is worth watching solely for host Simon Amstell’s descriptions of molecular gastronomy — the highlights of which include “a souffle from some toothpaste and the ashes of a dead sailor” and “mix it up with some burnt tires and make a nice meringue.”

Check it out all three parts below!

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