Heston Blumenthal Claims He Never Worked Under Marco Pierre White

MasterChef Australia is currently running a promo which advertises one of its judges, Marco Pierre White, as the mentor of many a now-famous protege. Specifically the promo mentions Curtis Stone, Gordon Ramsay, and Heston Blumenthal; Gordon, obviously, because of their Darth Vadar/Obi Wan-esque feud, and Curtis, who often refers to his eight years in MPW’s kitchen as “crazy.”

But Heston Blumenthal is taking issue with the promo, claiming he was never mentored by White, per se.

“Having gone through 30 years of toil…for it to be intimated I owe it all to somebody else,” he told the Sunday Telegraph. “It’s really about setting the record straight…I’ve never spent one minute with Marco in his kitchen.”

Blumenthal and White worked together for one week at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir, and then Blumenthal later spent three weeks at Marco Pierre White’s Canteen. But he firmly rejects the notion that White was any sort of teacher or mentor, since Blumenthal’s whole shtick is that he’s been entirely self-taught for the past 30 years.

We feel your pain stateside, Heston. This shit happens to Alfred Portale and Tom Colicchio all the time.


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