Hey, Starbucks: Enough.



Hey, Starbucks: it’s enough with the colored drinks. They’re frightening. The colors are totally suspect, and I’m yet to be convinced that the beverages are not radioactive. On top of that, they’re not very good. We know that #foodporn is the most important thing right now, but you’ve taken it too far. You seem to be suffering from whatever affliction it is that made human beings decide to make bagels, a perfect food, tie-dye. You should go back to doing what you do well. Reliable, kind-of-burnt-tasting-but-ultimately-does-the-job coffee.

Starbucks has now decided that it needs a secret menu. They recently made headlines with their Pink Drink, and now they are offering a Purple Drink. The Pink Drink is no good. We tried it. The new “Purple Drink” seems to be made of passion iced tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup, and blackberries. Starbucks’ iced tea is actually good. It’s really good. The unsweetened passion tea is one of my favorite treats on a hot day. So, what are you doing to it? Why are you destroying it? Let tea be tea.

Food is good. Drinks are good. Bagels were perfect. Tea is perfect. Let’s leave everything as it is.

Does anyone actually enjoy the taste of the Purple Drink? Or is it just good for Instagram?

Please let us know in the comments.

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