Cook Hides Camera In Women’s Bathroom

As if we don’t have enough reasons to fear for humanity, this week, CBS Chicago is reporting that an investigation is underway into a cook at a Naperville restaurant who allegedly recorded video from a cellphone hidden in the women’s bathroom of the restaurant where he worked.

Area police are unsure exactly how long the camera was in place, and want to talk with any woman who used the bathroom at the Taco Fresco, to gather details.

Shannon Sutton, who had eaten at the restaurant, told CBS that she recognized the accused cook, Meliton Andrade, saying, “It’s absolutely disgusting and humiliating to know that was going on… [and] he should have to pay for what he did to people.” The network reports:

Naperville Police Sgt. Lou Cammiso tells CBS 2 Andrade worked at the restaurant for several months, this year, before a female customer spotting the camera phone running.

“She was using the restroom and she observed a canvas cover underneath the sink with a hole in it,” Cammiso says.

Andrade is currently out on bond, and police have searched his apartment for more recording devices. Meanwhile, locals fear teenagers and children could have been captured on film as well.

“Women bring their children in the bathroom all the time,” Sutton pointed out.

That concludes our ‘the world is terrible’ news for the day. We hope to get back to our regularly scheduled content shortly.

[CBS Chicago]

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