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WATCH: How Many Times Can Hoda Mistake Gail Simmons For Rachael Ray In One Segment?

We understand that they play it fast and loose over on The Fourth Hour of The Today Show. Day drinking-friendly cocktails and vino flow freely, and who knows how bombed Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are by the final segment? Even a celebrity chef guest has been known to make a blunder or two, whether it be shattering wine glasses or mixing up anchor names.

On Today this morning, Hoda called Gail Simmons “Rachael” (as in that other curvy, expressive brunette who also happens to be a food celebrity) a total of FOUR TIMES in one cooking segment. Dear, sweet Gail never called out her anchor, although that was probably because she was being featured on a Clam Chowder “Quickfire” Challenge against Hubert Keller in honor of the upcoming Food and Wine All-Star Weekend in Vegas, and it was impossible to demo a chowder in under a minute AND correct Hoda while the pair kept interrupting/goofing off.

We’d let it go, too.

Count off all four painful mix-ups in the clip below.

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