Honey Boo Boo Busted For Selling Girl Scout Cookies On Facebook

So many things are going on here. First of all, Honey Boo Boo is a Girl Scout? Does anyone even know her real name?! How can she register for and participate in such a highly regarded organization without an actual name? Supposedly, she was selling the cookies for a friend, but “aw hell,” as her momma might say, we can we pretend that she’s a scout, too.

Second of all, let’s be honest. She should really be commended for having the smarts to take her friend’s cookie sales to social media for increased revenue. This from the spawn of a woman who preps a turkey with an entire tub of Country Crock. Plus, she was espousing generosity by using her fame to help a friend.

Third of all, no, we can’t commend her, because the Girl Scouts of America are shutting down the online sale. Evidently, selling the cookies online defeats the important life lessons children should learn as they are turned into corporate-cookie-shilling-machines–you know, the “goal setting” and “people skills.”

Why are we so pro-Honey Boo Boo in this controversial case? We couldn’t tell you. But we are pretty sure we know the root of this Friday Night Thin Mints hankering.

[TMZ h/t Grub Street]

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