WATCH: Honey Maid Takes ‘Wholesome’ Campaign Haters To Task, With Crafts

How to best deal with internet trolls: a primer by Honey Maid.

That’s essentially how they handled the backlash off their recent “This is wholesome” campaign, which featured gay dads, an interracially married dad, and — perhaps the most egregiously unwholesome example of all — a tattooed drummer dad.

Predictably, groups like One Million Moms erupted with outrage and righteous indignation over how something as offensive as TATTOOS GAYNESS could be wholesome, so Honey Maid delivered a followup commercial responding to the detractors. It’s not as cute as the Cheerios commercial new baby followup, but it does have crafts, so…worth a looksie, below.

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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