Hooter’s Posts Rape Joke on Facebook Page, Claims It Was Hacked

Let’s be real, we don’t have high expectations for anything posted to a Hooter’s Facebook page. But let’s avoid rape jokes while trotting out the wings and and uh, busty ladies, OK?

Jezebel shares the photo, which has since been taken down from Hooter’s Facebook page.

The photo, which links off-site, shows a young woman laughing in pink hot pants. She has a blanket stuck to her shorts that, if you squint real hard and imagine for a few minutes, looks like it could pass for a vagina. The caption below the photo reads “Exhibit A: Proof she was asking for it, your honor.” What the fuck, Hooters?

Uh, yeah, something like that. Then Hooters tweeted and posted that its Facebook page had been hacked and that its administrator capabilities were compromised. To which everyone is like UH HUH SUREEEEEEEEEEEE. Guess we’ll never know whether Hooter’s was indeed hacked — but please, continue trotting out teeny shorts and zero respect for women! (But for the love of God, don’t read the comments on the post. You will lose your faith in humanity. Just trust us on this one.)

[Jezebel, Facebook]

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