WATCH: The NYC Heat Wave Has Broken, Go Partake In All This Hot Dog Food Porn

We’ll reach 90 degrees today, but only just barely, and then the denizens of New York are free of the oppressive triple digits of the past few days. You know what that means? It’ll finally be cool enough to eat a hot dog! (Because 85 degrees is cool enough to eat a hot dog. 100 degrees is too hot for anything served above lukewarm, unless you’re Ruth Reichl, in which case, ramen still goes.)

To celebrate the return of barbecues without the potential for dying of heatstroke, please enjoy this gratuitous hot dog food porn, starring Mark Murphy’s mac ‘n’ cheese-topped Ditch Dog, Brian Shebairo’s Crif Dog specialties, and Steve Porto’s kimchi variations at Asia Dog, below.

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