We Took This Ridiculous E! Online Poll on the ‘Hottest Celebrity Chefs’ So You Don’t Have To


We’re long-time detractors of the “hottest celebrity chefs” game, because, really guys, no one looks sexy in checkered pants and clogs, and chef jackets are universally unflattering. We know; we once had the pleasure of donning Top Chef: Masters jackets. (ProTip: they look moderately sexier if you tszuj the sleeves.)

So of course, we chuckled when, for the long, newsless holiday weekend, E! Online put up a poll pitting “hot celebrity chefs” against each other. Oh, this is the silliest, you might think to yourself, but, out of sheer amusement, you’re curious about what the match-ups are anyway. Sadly, as it turns out, you can’t see who’s pitted against whom unless you take the poll, and that’s where you draw the line.

We know. You refuse to participate in such cotton-headed ninny-muggery. It’s okay. We took the poll to deliver the full scope of match-ups for you to chuckle at (plus who’s winning as of the time of this publication), so that you don’t have to. You may send felicitations on taking one for the team to tips@thebraiser.com. Here are the rankings:

Giada De Laurentiis vs. Rocco DiSpirito — 64% to 36%
Curtis Stone vs. Padma Lakshmi — 66% to 34%
Anthony Bourdain vs. Eric Ripert — 76% to 24%
David Chang vs. Jamie Oliver — 20% to 80%
Aaron Sanchez vs Rachael Ray — 47% to 53%
Roy Choi vs. Marcela Valladolid — 36% to 64%
Marcus Samuelsson vs. Erin Grinshpan — 51% to 49%
Scott Conant vs. Nigella Lawson — 38% to 62%

[E! Online]

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