How Danny Bowien Survived The Most Terrifying Day A Restauranteur Could Imagine

For a NYC-based restaurateur or a chef, the only thing more terrifying a New York Times review is a Department of Health inspection. Now imagine that you’re Danny Bowien, you’ve opened a much-hyped restaurant in a completely new city, and they’re both happening at the exact same time. Please get up from the fainting couch; we have a story to go through.

At a recent panel with Michael White and Andy Ricker about restaurant empire expansion, Bowien revealed that Terror-day for him happened the minute he returned from the MAD Symposium, as The Huffington Post reported.

“When we were getting reviewed by the New York Times, I was flying back from Copenhagen,” he recounted, “and just after I landed, someone texted to say the New York Times is here…and so is the health department. I was having a heart attack! But you just have to power through it all.”

Thankfully, everyone seems to continue to love Danny Bowien: Mission Chinese received a two star rating, and the health department hasn’t shut them down, so they’re good. Bowien, for his part, looks at all those road bumps with perspective: “All the challenges — if you can just power through them, it’ll work out.”

[Huffington Post]

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