WATCH: How To Make A Big Mac At Home, Courtesy Of McDonalds

The McDonald’s marketing team has really been working overtime lately. They revamped the uniforms, shared the secrets behind their food styling process, and now, executive chef Dan Coudreaut is teaching the internet how to make a Big Mac at home.

The demonstration is part of the fast food empire’s new PR campaign, in which they answer questions from everyday customers — in this case, an inquiry about the ingredients of the Big Mac’s special sauce. However, rather than simply listing ingredients, Chef Coudreaut whipped off his chef’s jacket (for that casual, fun, cooking-at-home feel!) and showed that McDonald’s food is really just good, old-fashioned American cooking. Can you make the food from French Laundry at home? We don’t think so.

Then again, it’s not like they’ll ever be able to demonstrate how to make the chicken nuggets at home.

[Huffington Post]

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