How To Make Eric Ripert Playboy-Worthy: Make Him Imitate Dexter

Look at that photo. We mean, really look at that. Never have we seen Eric Ripert so raw, so passionate, so carnal — and all it took was a pomegranate (and the lovely photographers at Playboy, who recently shot a feature with celebrity chefs dressed up like sexy models). How does one capture Eric Ripert in a moment like this?

“I think my role was to look like Dexter a little bit,” he told Grub Street New York, “because, you know, I have the bloody hand and the knife, and I’m carving the pomegranate. And I have this kind of devilish — you say devilish? — look. So the inspiration I believe was Dexter. So it was funny for me to basically act.”

To highlight that similarity, we’ve also put a photo of fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan next to Ripert up there, so you can compare and contrast the different academic theories of sex appeal (cooking vs. murdering people). And FYI, Ripert says that Mrs. Ripert is apparently not jealous at all: “I mean, it’s Playboy. It’s guys looking at the magazine, not girls!”

We have…absolutely no comment.

[Grub Street NY]

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