Hugh Acheson Suggests Detective Movie Disguises To Keep Top Chef Locations Under Wraps

Top Chef: Seattle kicks off next Wednesday, and judge Hugh Acheson gave production a solid pat on the back for keeping the location under wraps as tightly as they did. Sure, the rumors swirled, what with Padma shushing the denizens of Seattle every time they spotted her, and those enormous camera crews descending upon Pike Place. But he insisted that besides the show’s culty fan base, Season 10’s location remained unknown to most people.

“In this day and age I think it’s really hard to keep it totally under wraps unless we dress up Padma as a nurse and Tom as Kojak, and claim we are doing a new detective movie,” he told Seattle Weekly. “I would play the evil, well dressed, mysterious, and brooding guy with one eyebrow.”

Why isn’t this Bravo’s new scripted series? Scrap that 1980s Coke vs. Pepsi advertising war show.

Hugh also revealed what we can look forward to this season, food-wise, and it’s a safe bet that none of the judges are ordering clams again for awhile.

“Locality was very focused on. It’s hard to find better salmon and foraged stuff anywhere in the country. Yes, [the other judges] probably ate enough geoduck for a year or two, but not me…I love the stuff.”

Please, oh please tell us there were foraging challenges. Please?

Stay tuned for the season premiere of Top Chef: Seattle on Wednesday, November 7th at 10pm on Bravo.

[Seattle Weekly]

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