Hugh Acheson: I’m Good At Being ‘A Jackass’

If there’s one thing that Hugh Acheson loves in life, it’s being paid to cooly criticize people’s cooking. Okay, he probably likes cooking food, too. (He also might like waggling his eyebrows up and down in imitation of a flying seagull, but this is pure speculation.)

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Acheson was asked if he preferred being a contestant on Top Chef Masters over being a judge on Top Chef: Seattle. “You know, I prefer them both,” he said.

“They’re both entirely different. In terms of being a contestant, everyone always asks me, ‘Is it as hard as it looks?’ And it is, and it’s as stressful as it looks — even more so. But I get jazzed about that kind of stress and it’s exciting. The total different side of it is judging. But judging is fun; it’s also very easy. I just get sat down, fed and asked to be a jackass. And I’m good at that.”

To be fair, he takes this approach in his kitchen as well, and thinks that people “probably” think of him as a jackass, anyways. As long as he’s at peace with it, we think!

Bonus: That Belgian knight-chef (Bart Vandaele)? The crazy salad that he assembled in Hugh’s challenge would cost $85 in a restaurant.  Dat is een hoop geld.


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