WATCH: Hugh Acheson Turned Down Top Chef Proper, Took Masters For The Charity Out

Hugh Acheson brought a table full of earthly delights with him to CBS This Morning’s The Dish, where he and his twinkly eyes explained how a Toronto kid winds up in Georgia, famous for cooking Southern food. (Hint: there was a very pretty lady involved.)

As it turns out, we have the Magical Elves hustle to thank for bringing Hugh into our lives, because he turned Bravo down the first time they approached him with an offer to be on Top Chef proper:

“I originally told them no as a regular contestant on the regular show, because it could be a little risky for me…When Masters called, I felt like, it was for charity, so at least if I did badly I could say, ‘Well it was for charity.’ So there’s always an excuse.”

Of course, he performed magnificently, charmed his way into our frigid hearts, has since been coerced into doing seventeen TV shows for Bravo, and runs what might be our favorite Top Chef recap blog on the interwebs.

He also flashed that radish ink on the appearance this morning that landed him the October 2009 Gourmet Magazine Most Appropriate Chef’s Tattoo Award. Check out the clip below.

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