Hurricane’s Sandy Aftermath: Who’s Open, Who’s Closed, And The Craziest Storm Photos

Shake Shacks are reopening slowly but surely. Eric Ripert taped his windows in vain. Dana Cowin ghetto-rigged a really fancy window brace while making crepes. In other words, the food community rallied in the face of Hurricane Sandy, hunkered down as the time came, and, now that the storm has passed, is reopening business as usual.

She wasn’t kind to all: Andrew Carmellini appears to have done his hunkering in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village on the East River, where his rental car didn’t survive the floods; Michael Symon’s roof is a hot mess and he’s powerless; Mile End’s bakery and smokehouse have been destroyed. But, those who were safe are offering their services: Andrew Zimmern was stuck in a New York hotel during the storm, but went off to volunteer as soon as it was safe. Chefs in need of walk-ins are finding temporary homes for their seafood via Twitter. David Chang is all, yo, we survived 9/11 and Katrina, the food industry is the toughest. No worries.

Check out our roundup of tweets from chefs and restaurants affected by the storm below.

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