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WATCH: Adam Rapoport Explains IBM’s Watson Chef App (Yeah, the Computer That Won Jeopardy)

Bon Appetit has teamed up with IBM’s Watson program to create a cheffing app using the same technology as that computer that beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy. Adam Rapoport stopped by Morning Joe with one of the program’s engineers to explain how users can plug the ingredients they’d like to work with, ingredient dislikes, and a cooking style into the app, and Chef Watson will comb through Bon Appetit’s 9000-recipe database for suggestions.

Check out the segment below and tell your mediocrely kitchen-skilled flame that they’ve been replaced by a sous chef of the future. Ooh, new Top Chef spin-off pitch! Battle of the Sous Watsons! You can just PayPal us our royalties, Magical Elves.

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