Iggy Azalea Twitter-Shames Papa John’s Employee Who Stole Her Number


But really, what’s the real crime here? Having your privacy invaded or having really sh*tty taste in delivered pizza?*

Today in “stars just like us,” we find that Grammy nominee Iggy Azalea is just like us, in that when a company pisses her off, she uses Twitter to shame them. After ordering a Papa John’s cheese pizza before the Grammys on her personal phone and finding weirdo teenagers getting into her text messages, Azalea decided to do something about it on Twitter.

You have to admit, this is a comedy in the making — until now.

So Papa John’s lost last night, but the snafu was a total win for DiGorno.

*We obviously know that having your privacy invaded is a lot worse. Sorry, Azalea — may we interest you in a pizza delivery that’s literally a million times better than Papa John’s? No seriously, every other pizza is 100 million times better than Papa John’s.


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