WATCH: Stop Everything, Buy Groceries At Ikea, And Make Richard Blais’ Ikea Burger, Stat

Mind blown. Nay, mind melted. Richard Blais has thoroughly outdone himself on the latest episode of Burger Lab, crafting a totally ingenious Ikea Burger, inspired by Swedish ingredients found at your local neighborhood furniture store, which also happens to carry delicious non-perishable Swedish grocery items.

Seriously, this is the episode that’s winning Blais a Webby or a Munchie or whatever. Imagine if you will: Swedish meatball burger, cooked in a gravy jacuzzi, laid atop a bed of potato butter (like mashed potatoes, but with an inverse butter to potato ratio) and lingonberry jam, topped with cukes, beet pickles, and grated Gjetost. We are not kidding. Get thee to an Ikea. Buy up all their groceries. Maybe get a new futon if you’re feeling sassy. And make. This. Burger.

You can check out the latest episode of Burger Lab in its entirety below.

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