Ilan Hall Gets Esquire TV Series Called Knife Fight

First off, we had no idea that the G4 Network, once known for geeky nerd boy things like Attack Of The Show!, is now called the Esquire Network and being rebranded for suave real men. (Good luck, nerds.) Second, the news from Food Is The New Rock is that Ilan Hall is shooting a television series for them!

When he wasn’t grousing about Stefan, CJ Jacobson revealed that a film crew had been filming the new series (and not Top Chef Masters, like most believed) at Hall’s Los Angeles restaurant The Gorbals. How many things is CJ involved in nowadays? Apparently he’s involved enough to know that the series was going to be named “Food Fight Club,” but after some Jamie Oliver person already took the name for his show, they settled on the title Knife Fight. 

In any case, he was a competitor on the show, in which the contestants must make three dishes using three mystery ingredients. So essentially, it’s like Chopped, Iron Chef, Epic Chef, Cupcake Wars, and probably a few more that we’ll think about in a bit, except it’s with Ilan Hall and those glasses.

[Food Is The New Rock via Eater LA]

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