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Ilan Hall is Coming to Williamsburg to Assert His Mighty Hipster Glasses

In an interview with Zagat, Ilan Hall revealed that in April 2014 or thereabouts, he would open a New York version of his restaurant, The Gorbals, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after his glasses expressed a desire to return to its native homeland. Nah, he’s just expanding.

“At some point you have to expand, and this is it,” the host of Conflicts Involving Sharp Objects And Broken Tools told Zagat. “I’m only going to be 31 once.”

Hall, who grew up in New York and got his start at Casa Mono, admitted that he wanted to return home — even if his fancy show Blade Scuffle would continue to be taped in Los Angeles:

 Los Angeles is a bit more nourishing and is excited about new chefs. New York is much more… I don’t know. People are ready to pounce. But that’s why I hired a chef, I’ll have to be moving around a lot. My family is already there, and I’m going back and forth between the two restaurants now.

Hey, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the filming of Stabbity Stab Stab Time, we’re down with that.


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