WATCH: Ilan Hall Teaches Jimmy Fallon and Questlove How To Stuff Sausage, No One’s Masculinity Is Preserved

Ilan Hall stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, which was unfortunately and totally eclipsed by Brian Williams’ rendition of “Gin and Juice,” but no matter, because we’re here to catch you up.

Ilan joined the gang to pimp the second season of Esquire Network’s Knife Fight, while teaching Jimmy and Questlove how to make blood sausage by hand, through which no one’s masculinity survived intact, because boys. On an unrelated note, blood sausage and squid ink spaetzle sounds delicious, but we’ll never get to taste it, because the Williamsburg Urban Outfitters/The Gorbals complex terrifies us to our very bones. Check out the clip below.

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