In Case You Missed It, the Food in Sochi is Still Really, Really Bad

Says Olympian Lolo Jones, in a now-deleted Instagram video. Sochi for the win!

According to the Huffington Post, the video featured the bobsled runner chowing down on a plate of food while pretending “it was a nice, juicy steak.” Aw, if only. While dropping movie references and all of that, she and her teammates have to bear the unbearable and get their onsite-nutritionist-approved meals from the Olympic Village. While the video is in fact deleted, Fansided managed to get a few snapshots here and there — and yeah, it does look pretty disgusting.

Said Jones to USA Today, “People always ask why there’s a McDonald’s in the Olympic village, and I think it’s clear why. There’s not one in the mountain village. You just make do.”

More great publicity for Sochi!

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