In Honor Of Ripert & Bourdain’s Chocolate Bar, We Cast Chefs In Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

The stuff of fantasies? Perhaps. But it seems like Good Cop Eric Ripert and Bad Cop Anthony Bourdain are teaming up with Eclat chocolatier Christopher Curtin to craft their very own chocolate bar called Good & Evil. Oh, of course they are.

According to Zagat, the bar will be previewed on November 8th, with a wider release shortly thereafter, although no details yet on where one might procure one of these bars. Is this whole thing conjuring strange Willy Wonka hallucinations for anyone else? Are Eric and Tony strolling about a giant chocolate factory somewhere with silly hats and pimp canes chortling to one another? We have to imagine that they are, and so, naturally, we began speculating wildly about a celebrity chef cast for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You’re welcome.


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