WATCH: We Want To Live In Ina Garten’s Holiday Alcohol Palace

Ina Garten might be The Barefoot Contessa, who owns a barn separate from her house with a 2000-square-foot kitchen inside of it, but she’s just like you! She swears! She only invites people she loves to her dinner parties. She hosts them in her “small,” non-barn kitchen — the one that’s actually in her house — instead of in a formal dining room, to strike up a sense of familial intimacy.

Oh and, also, her fridge is probably filled with just as much wine as yours. And that’s not counting the bar she keeps fully stocked out in her living room.

And, sure, she spends New Years in Paris every year, making truffle or caviar pasta, but, just like you, Ina gave up on making resolutions in her 20s.

“Why make yourself unhappy?” she remarked.

See? You and Ina Garten could be neighbors. Check out her house tour from The Today Show this morning below.

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