WATCH: Ina Garten Spends New Years Day Eating Caviar On Top Of The Eiffel Tower

Ina Garten does not live like the rest of us mere mortals do, oh no. Every year, as the earth begins a new cycle around the sun, Ina Garten celebrates not by getting unfortunately drunk and watching Ryan Seacrest’s waxen, animatronic face on the talkbox, but by traveling to Paris and enjoying “a simple dinner” in the apex of culture and civilization.

Ina Garten will not spend the next morning scrambling to make a hangover “brunch” in her Hamptons barn, but will dine upon caviar and foie gras in a restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower, as the common folk worryingly scuttle below her and her husband Jeffery like ants.

And as Ina Garten told Erica Hill on Sunday’s TODAY Show, her New Year’s celebrations are bereft of resolutions for personal betterment, for she is already a living god.

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[h/t The Huffington Post]

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