Infamous Kitchen Nightmares Couple to Face Gordon Ramsay Yet Again

They’re baaaaaaack! Again! Really! The Bouzaglos — Samy and Amy, AKA the people who had a massive meltdown on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares last year — will make their triumphant return to the FOX show, in which they will prove that they’re masochists addicted to fame, even the bad kind.

Even better: Gordon will revisit them for the premiere of season six! According to a press release posted on Facebook, the show returns on Friday, February 28th at 8PM ET/PT, and Amy’s Baking Company is the first stop on his grand tour of Restaurant Fuckup Nation. “Last season, Chef Ramsay faced off against the defiant owners,” the press release breathlessly reads. “What will happen when Ramsay returns in the all-new ‘Amy’s Baking Company, Part Two’ episode?”

We have absolutely no idea what will happen (sarcasm very much intended), but we know what our reaction will be, and the only way to properly express it is thusly:

[Facebook h/t Eater]

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