This Is Cool: An Infographic Cookbook

After a long day at the office stringing words together in varying degrees of coherence, the last thing we want to do is keep communicating in complete sentences. Replacing the grunts and gestures we rely on to get dinner on the table, is Picture Cook, a tome that turns the traditional cookbook on its head; rather than wordy instructions, it offers 50 illustrated recipes.

Author Katie Shelly, a visual designer by trade, told NPR, “If you pick up a book from Emeril Lagasse or Julia Child or Mario Batali or whoever, there’s a little bit of intimidation there. … But this book is just coming from little old me. You don’t have to feel like you’re going into a Top Chef competition with whatever you create.”

We’re going to dispense with the ‘if you can’t read…’ or ‘if you’re lazy like us’ jokes, because aside from being a new and interesting concept, this book could be a huge help to visual learners, or anyone else who finds the etymology of eating a bit intimidating. Sample Shelly’s “blueprinted” recipes in the gallery below, and look for Picture Cook in stores this October (or pre-order it right now).

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