Tonight in Food TV: Top Chef Stephanie Izard Battles Michael Symon on Iron Chef: America

To be sure, Alton Brown has a special bow tie picked out for tonight’s battle in kitchen stadium. First And Only Lady Top Chef Winner Of All Time Stephanie Izard will enter to take on Iron Chef Michael Symon. The obvious choice would have been to have her go up against The Only Lady Iron Chef Cat Cora, but we’re pretty sure the Food Network sound stage where they shoot Iron Chef America would have imploded had they both entered the stadium.

Comedian Anthony Anderson, restaurant consultant and long-time Iron Chef judge Karine Bakhoum, and Canadian TV cooking personality David Rocco will be on hand to judge as the competitors take on the Mystery Ingredient. Will Stephanie dominate, release her Merida hair, and dance on Michael Symon’s crushed spirit when she wins? Will Michael’s bald head keep him cool enough to stay in control of the competition in which he is a veteran favorite?

Stay tuned to Food Network tonight at 10pm to catch Izard and Symon battle it out for the title of Iron Chef: America.

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