WATCH: The Taste Contestant Tried to Confit Empanadas, Somehow Didn’t Get Kicked Off

We just — what? Poor Team Nigella has been renamed by its foes as “Team Hot Mess,” and while Nigella Lawson had already lost one cook during last night’s team challenge, leaving her with just Jacquelyn representing her, the restaurant chef didn’t do her any favors in the individual challenge.

Jacquelyn, who had just gotten reamed for not listening to her mentor during the team challenge, chose, for the individual street food challenge, to make empanadas, some component of which was confited, but we can’t be sure, because she also claims that she confited the whole empanada…? Sweetheart, we don’t think that word means what you think it means.

Check out Jacquelyn demonstrating an epic misunderstanding of technique, to the bewilderment of her fellow competitors, below.

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