Jacques Pepin’s Favorite Wine Is Free Wine

Jacques Pepin was doing the Nice French Chef On Television thing way before anyone else, and blazed a trail for the current generation of Nice French Chefs (e.g. Eric Ripert). In an interview with the Houston magazine My Table, however, he admits that there are not-so-nice things that he enjoys. For instance, his favorite wine: the ones that he doesn’t have to pay for.

“Free wine is my favorite,” he tells them. “People, friends, give me very good wine. Truthfully, except for sweet wine, I can always find something I like. I may have a preference for Rhône Valley wines.”

(Which raises the question: how much free wine do you get as a famous chef? Does Jacques Pepin have a cellar full of wine that he hasn’t been able to finish over the span of his four-decades-plus-long career? Will he ever be able to drink all of that wine? Can you measure influence by the amount of wine in one’s cellar? How do you measure the life of a man?)

He also mentions that his dear friend Julia Child was a completely “democratic” eater, pairing McDonalds fries with her exquisitely-cooked dinners. While we knew that she loved her Mickey D’s, we didn’t know that it was also in the context of a full, balanced meal.

[My Table h/t Eater]


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