Tonight in Food TV: Jacques Pepin Succeeds Jose Andres As The Taste’s Finale Guest Judge

Last season’s The Taste finale was guest judged by a jovial Jose Andres, and production chose an almost equally effusive guest judge for tonight’s Bourdain vs. Ludo showdown: Jacques Pepin. Wearing an extremely affable tie, Jacques will judge the first leg of the 4-person finale to narrow the field for Tony, Nigella, Ludo, and Marcus in the final cook-off.

Bourdain’s sole remaining team member, Lee, must go up against Ludo’s three remaining team members: Jeff, Louise, and, inexplicably, Marina. Marcus and Nigella will be standing by to prevent the two alpha-mentors from gouging each other’s eyes out.

Tune into The Taste tonight 8pm on ABC to catch the winner.

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