WATCH: Jacques Torres Helps Daphne Oz Come Out In Support Of Food Porn

Remember how Dr. Oz is the one-man food porn censorship police unit? The one who warns his alarmist housewife viewership of the danger looking at delicious foods poses to one’s health? All in spite of the gentle reassurances of such healthy, non-obese food industry employees as Gail Simmons and Joe Bastianich?

We wonder how he’ll feel about his daughter Daphne, who happens to be a host of The Chew, moaning over a decadent Jacques Torres dessert, literally referring to it as food porn, and dreamily reveling in Jacques’ sweet French nothings. We have our fingers crossed that The Good Doctor will cross the threshold of acceptance. And if not, it gets better, Daph. We’re sure Jacques will let you come live in his chocolate factory if your dad ever disowns you for real.

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